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Murfreesboro’s Baylor Bramble heading to Chicago rehab center, fundraiser planned

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Murfreesboro’s Baylor Bramble heading to Chicago rehab center, fundraiser planned


Baylor Bramble suffered a traumatic brain injury during an October 2015 football game. (WSMV)


Inside Baylor Bramble’s garage-turned-therapy room, every inch is worth cheering for.

A lift or a twitch is a very big deal.

The Siegel High School football player checked himself out of a game in 2015, collapsed, and was flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where doctors removed half of his skull to stop the bleeding.

He hasn’t walked or spoken since.

His parents, David and Christy Bramble, were given little hope their son would even survive.

But Baylor has defied all odds, communicating through his mother via an iPad and moving his limbs.

And the Brambles believe more miracles are on the way.

"Two years ago he still had a trach," said Baylor’s dad, David. "He had no head control. He would not be able to sit in his chair like this right now. It’s only been more than a year his eyes have even been opened."

Every week Baylor’s mom, Christy, and a host of therapists spend two to three and a half hours working out Baylor, the equipment all donated by a generous community.

"There’s no other outpatient facility around us that has equipment or that can handle Baylor and be able to transfer him," David added.

But this gift of a therapy room hasn’t brought the one thing they say Baylor needs to make major strides.

"We don’t have a health care advocate," David said.

They need that referral for admission to Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, a special rehab hospital in Chicago that specializes in traumatic brain injuries.

"Because of Baylor’s unique situation, here in Murfreesboro there is not a physiotherapist that is trained in brain injury. There’s really few in Middle Tennessee. We have to be our own advocate. And that’s difficult because doctors will talk to doctors before they talk to their preachers and their mamas. And I understand that,” David said.

Recently, the Brambles learned they’re one step closer to that prayer being answered.

Chicago’s Shirley Ryan has agreed to evaluate Baylor in February.

"It doesn’t mean they’ll accept him. We’re going to plead with them that they’ll accept him in their inpatient program," David continued.

"I want you to pray for Baylor’s complete healing," Christy said.

“I don’t want you to pray just that he talks or have a better quality of life. I would ask that you pray for the complete healing, head to toe. Every brain connection, perfect. If you’re a person of faith, rise up and join us to pray for our son,” she said.

Friends have organized a fundraiser to help send the Brambles to Chicago. The silent auction and private concert start at 6 p.m. on Dec. 8 at Siegel High School.

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