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$50,000 Powerball Winner in Murfreesboro

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$50,000 Powerball Winner in Murfreesboro


Nashville, TN (WDEF) – A Murfreesboro Powerball player won $50,000 last night, which is the 12th time in just six weeks a player has matched four white ball numbers plus the Powerball.

This prize level has a base prize of $50,000, and the amount won can vary if the winner chooses the Power Play option for an extra dollar, which adds a multiplier to the prize.

The Powerball jackpot is $337 million for Wednesday, while the popular game of Mega Millions has a $277 million jackpot for Tuesday.

No information is available about Saturday night’s winner until the prize is claimed.

The Lottery has raised more than $4 billion to fund designated education programs, including college scholarships and the Governor’s Drive to 55 initiatives.

For additional information, visit www.tnlottery.com.

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